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Target 2030 is a business energy efficiency programme from Severn Wye that is here to help small and medium-sized businesses identify and reduce their energy costs and impact on the environment through the installation of energy efficiency measures.

High business energy costs?

If you have high energy bills in your business, whether from heating, lighting or any other equipment you run in your premises – we can identify and recommend ways that you can reduce your output and overheads.

Free survey and generous grants

We offer a free site survey, report and presentation, analysing how your business uses energy. We will recommend energy-saving measures, including no-cost, low-cost and capital-cost measures, all of which will save your business money. There is no obligation to install improvements, but if you choose to invest – there are generous grants available to cover 30% of the costs.

Putting energy efficiency back in business

While there are clear and obvious environmental reasons to participate in the Target 2030 programme, energy efficiency is just plain good for business.

Boost profitability and competitiveness

Money saved on energy costs goes straight on the bottom line. For a business with a profit rate of 5%, a cut in annual energy costs of £1,000 is equivalent to increasing annual turnover by £20,000.

Target 2030 surveys typically identify savings of up to 30% on annual energy costs.

Improved working environment

A more energy efficient workplace can often be a better working environment. With improvements such as modern LED lighting, better heating controls or reduced draughts, improved efficiency can result in a happier workforce and this can result in increased productivity or a reduction in absenteeism.

Guard against avoidable costs

Energy effiency can reduce maintenance costs; e.g. efficient lighting has a long life expectancy so requires fewer replacements.

Reduce maximum capacity charges on your electricity bills by installing more efficient equipment.

Gain credibility as a high efficiency supplier

Many firms are considering the environmental impact or carbon emissions of their supply chain. Highlighting how you reduce your carbon footprint can help with new or existing contracts.

The public love a sustainable business

People do not like waste. Publicising the steps you have taken to reduce waste or environmental impact to staff and customers can help raise a company’s profile and inspire trust in its commitment to being a force for good in the world.

Make a genuine contribution

You will be contributing to national and international efforts to tackle big sustainability issues such as:

  • Energy Supply Capacity – can we keep the lights on?
  • Energy Security – can we guarantee we can keep the lights on?
  • Climate Change – go beyond merely offsetting to lower your emissions

Our dedicated team work in your best interests

You will be assigned a Business Energy Advisor from our team of experts, who will support you every step of the way. They are completely impartial and will suggest ideas that fit your particular circumstances.

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Case Studies

Lyon Inn

The Lyon Inn (previously the Red Lion) has been able to install LED lighting, induction cooking, and replacement refrigeration equipment improving the efficiency and environment at the pub.

JM Grail Engineering

£42,000 of grant funding was awarded to Forest of Dean manufacturers Grail Engineering, contributing towards workshop heating, variable speed drives and a large solar PV array.

Cotswold Riding for the Disabled

Cheltenham charity Cotswold RDA used Target 2020 grant funding to install roof insulation and LED lighting – saving as much money every year as they need to keep one of their horses!

Client Testimonials

Thank you very much for all your help with the grant process. The solar PV system has generated 7,500 kWh since installation – equivalent to 2.5 tonnes of CO2 avoided already
Peter Mackay-Lewis MRICS

Director, Delaney Mackay Lewis

“The grant has just landed in our account and the total awarded towards our heating system is a wonderful bonus towards our community arts centre. I can honestly say that I’ve received nothing short of excellent service. A bit gushy but needs to be said – my feedback reflects this!”

Su Billington

deepspaceworks CIC

The grants have been a great incentive to get on with carbon saving work and this job wouldn’t have happened without your support.

Howard Bailey

Industrial Sales Ltd

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